Anaconda forced to create a BIOS boot partition, but not boot on Lenovo S205

Liang Suilong liangsuilong at
Tue Sep 27 02:30:10 UTC 2011

I bought  a new notebook for my jobs, Lenovo IdeaPad S205 (AMD E-450 APU),
building in MeeGo modified by Linpus. There is no BIOS in it, just using
UEFI. And there is no BIOS compatibility mode. So I must use EFI GRUB. As we
knew, Fedora 15 LiveUSB can not be booted on S205. There is a bug on Lenovo

I try to install Fedora 16 Beta RC2. I know there is many bugs before Final
GA. Luckily, the installation process runs smothly. After rebooting my
machine, UEFI can not load boot loader on HDD, skipping HDD to boot USB or
PXE. And then, I found Anaconda must create a BIOS boot partition that size
is about 1MB and an FAT partition for EFI system is following. Later, I try
to install Ubuntu 11.10 Beta 2. Their grub2 can support UEFI and GPT
partition table normally. However, BIOS boot partition does not appear in
Ubuntu installer. I make sure that Fedora 16 choose GPT for me. I am just
allowed to create primary partition on my HDD.

I could not assure whether this is a bug on Anaconda or GRUB 2. Maybe I
should file a bug report on Bugzilla. But I do not understand why Anaconda
need to create a BIOS boot partition on UEFI-only system. This is my most
important question. I do do not really get accustomed to using Ubuntu. I
love Fedora very much.

I just hope I can get replies soon.

Liang Suilong

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