gnome 3.2

Ray Strode halfline at
Wed Sep 28 03:16:00 UTC 2011

Hey everyone,

I'm going to be doing a big gnome 3.2 update for f16 soon and as such
I've been running a script to automate package bumps/rebuilds.

The script[1] is pretty hacked together so it may not always do the
right thing.  It's chugging through the output of "jhbuild list" for
the gnome-apps-3.2 moduleset[2] cross referenced with releases sent to
gnome's ftp-release-list[3]

If you've seen a build go by from me, that's probably why.

Because the script is so adhoc it may make a mistake or two or three
or four.  If that happens just let me know in private email or on irc
(i'm halfline) and i'll try to correct it.



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