GNOME 3 - font point sizes now scaled?

Nicolas Mailhot nicolas.mailhot at
Fri Sep 30 13:47:41 UTC 2011

Le Ven 30 septembre 2011 12:00, Daniel Drake a écrit :

> Can anyone help me understand this behaviour?


There's nothing to understand – this is a new major GNOME release, with
developers that know better than everyone else, and solve problems by ignoring
past experience and hardcoding their own preferences

Someone Gnome-side decided to not trust xorg dpi and added a new heuristic to
'correct' it (the last time this occurred, it took several years of user
complains before it was reverted; I'm quite sure there will be a new round of
excuses why it is a good idea to try to second-guess xorg hardware detection
instead of fixing the eventual xorg bugs. What it boils down to is some people
GNOME-side have less work to configure their hardware – around which the new
heuristic has been constructed — everyone else gets weird unwelcome
side-effects, and apps using other toolkits won't agree on what font sizes

Another someone decided DejaVu (what you call Sans) was too old and tired, and
preempted it with a new unfinished font. It seems people do not understand UI
fonts are there to display text, and a font people do not notice at all is a
good UI font. Mind you, Cantarell is a nice free and open font, but did it
really need showing down people's throats to be advertised?  Especially
considering its coverage is too small to support a lot of languages, and its
metric is too different from the available fall-back fonts for the fall-backs
to be graceful?

There's nothing to do apart from waiting for enough complains to pile up the
people in charge get past their reality denial phase.

Nicolas Mailhot

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