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Bill McGonigle bill at
Fri Sep 30 16:46:32 UTC 2011


Can somebody help me figure out how to do a smolt query for filesystem 
device information?  The question has come up on bug 500004 whether 
/boot on md is a corner case or not.  Smolt seems ready-made to answer 
questions like this.  If I print my desktop's smolt profile I get:

   /dev/md0 /boot ext3 1024 1024 264333 196586 182938 68272 68183 68183

as an output line, but I don't see it when I pull up the machine's 
record (show all) on  I've looked through the canned reports 
and don't see filesystem block devices.

I assume I'm missing something, or perhaps it's not public and there's 
a way to request a query?  A count of
"^/dev/md.*/boot" records would be the useful metric.


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