Install Fedora Button for LiveCD

Chris Murphy lists at
Tue Apr 3 14:18:08 UTC 2012

On Apr 3, 2012, at 7:26 AM, Kamil Paral wrote:
> You can see it here:
> What do you think? Better than default?

How about "Install Fedora" since it could be installed to SSD or iSCSI etc.

> I personally think it's definitely better than default. 

The problem is nothing shows up on Gnome 3's desktop, even items in the Desktop folder (which is's asinine there's no polite way to say it.)

The present behavior is obscure, especially for new users. And the install icon in the activities drawer, or whatever it's called, doesn't have any text description unless the user mouses over.

It's like the installer is an easter egg that the user has to go on a hunt for, and hopefully find it before it rots.

Chris Murphy

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