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A: Development discussions related to Fedora; Kevin Kofler
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Kevin Kofler <kevin.kofler at chello.at> wrote:
> Josh Boyer wrote:
> > "It builds" doesn't necessarily mean it works.  In the rawhide case,
> > you might very well submit something that builds but is totally
> > broken.  By the time you download the official build and test it
> > locally, it can already be in the day's compose and now you've just
> > inflicted a broken build on all the users.  And no, "rawhide eats
> > babies" is not a valid excuse IMHO.
> As far as Rawhide goes, IMHO, if it builds, it's good enough for Rawhide.

That is just irresponsible. BTW, there are too few rawhide consumers as
things stand; this would make rawhide be russian roulette, but with 5
bullets instead of 1.

> "If it compiles, ship it!" – Linus Torvalds

Riiight... one tongue-in-cheek comment by the well-known punster Linus
leads to distribution wide policy.
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