Building the GNOME 3.4.1 Release

Richard Hughes hughsient at
Mon Apr 16 09:33:29 UTC 2012

On 16 April 2012 10:13, Milan Crha <mcrha at> wrote:
> it will be kind of you to not touch packages you do not own, especially
> those which are actively maintained. The way you did it breaks "build
> the package like normal" from your instructions.

In the same way I've emailed for your two other privately emails,
apologies. If you had already updated F17 with the upstream 3.4.1 then
the automatic script would have ignored your package completely.
There's no way for me to know the difference between "maintainer not
doing update because he's busy" and "maintainer wants to handle this
himself in his own time". Now you've told me in a not-so-polite way
I'll just take off evolution from the auto-build list.

> I've no idea what it means in reality. Say I'll not add my build ids
> into your google page, am I still responsible for filling update of my
> packages?

Yes, if you want to be, although I think we should aim to have one
easy-to-qa update for micro-point updates of a single desktop
environment, rather than the huge number of updates we had before that
were *impossible* to QA [1]. Is there a reason evolution is so special
that it shouldn't be considered a core GNOME package that gets
released with everything else?


[1] As often non-core packages need new versions of libgnome3 to build
against or new DBus interfaces in gnome-settings-daemon at runtime.

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