How can we make F17 be able to boot on Macs (with or without reFit)

Chris Murphy lists at
Sat Apr 28 06:58:21 UTC 2012

On Apr 27, 2012, at 10:21 AM, Adam Williamson wrote:
> So, long story short - we'll be very interested in reports of
> success/failure with TC2 (which should show up tonight or tomorrow)

DVD ISO burned to DVD-RW media: Boots EFI mode, with nouveau, with X, just fine off media as the LiveCD cases I mention below. However, at the end of the installation I get an error "There was an error installing the bootloader. The system may not be bootable." System is in fact not bootable. Filed a bug with anaconda logs:


LiveCD. Holy crap the whole thing works. EFI boot and install. Works. Macbook Pro 4,1 (2008).
LiveCD ISO burned to DVD-RW media = boots, installs, reboots.
LiveCD ISO dd'd to USB stick = boots, installs, reboots.

Question 1:
Is this bug fixed?! Nouveau is working for the first time ever with EFI booting on this hardware.

Question 2:
Most Mac users will boot CD/DVD media with a 'c' key. Should it be documented somewhere to boot with the option key at the startup chime? Previously, 'c' key would get me a working CSM boot, but that is no longer the case with at least DVD TC2, I get a flashing white cursor (I understand this is not expected to work, hence wondering if it's worth mentioning somewhere.)


Next testing MBP8,2. And then dual boot once 10.7.x is done installing on the MBP4,1.

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