About packaging Zotero (trademarked name) standalone for Fedora (was: About packaging Zotero standalone for Fedora)

Ilyes Gouta ilyes.gouta at gmail.com
Mon Apr 30 11:38:57 UTC 2012


I'm reposting this e-mail, slightly edited and with a much more clear
subject, highlighting the issue.


Zotero is a referencing tool that helps the user collecting,
maintaining and generating citations from research papers and so on.

Since version 3.0, Zotero has also been available as a standalone
executable (previously a Firefox plugin) based on the XULRunner
runtime; and I'm thinking about packaging it for Fedora.

The code base is licensed under AGPLv3, however the program's name
'Zotero' is a registered trademark

I asked the developers
if it was OK to use that same name (even if the source package ends up
slightly changed - mostly the build system actually), but then here I
am asking the same question in order to get more feedback from the
Fedora packaging community:

What's the position of Fedora regarding using the same trademarked
program names (even if the source code is under an open source
license) ?

This case would look similar to the Firefox package and I'm interested
in understanding how this is handled in Fedora.



P.S: I'm already a Fedora packager.

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