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Tue Aug 21 19:49:12 UTC 2012

For your information.
I stoped working for the Mate-Desktop project for f18 because for me
it is imposssible to to work together with Dan Mashal.
One of the reason for my decision is this last talk with Dan Mashal
    Unterhaltung mit Dan Mashal am Di 21 Aug 2012 10:03:44 CEST:
    (10:03:44) Dan Mashal: hey
    (10:03:46) Dan Mashal: you there?
    (10:03:55) niceandgently at Hi
    (10:04:02) Dan Mashal: i spent time on libmate today
    (10:04:07) Dan Mashal: please review my spec
    (10:04:07) dan.mashal at hei├čt jetzt Dan Mashal.
    (10:04:12) Dan Mashal: and incorporate it to yours
    (10:04:28) Dan Mashal: i dont know why you deleted mate-vfs from
fc17 and fc16 it just made things harder for me (10:04:33) Dan Mashal:
but i worked around it (10:04:48) Dan Mashal: (10:04:58) Dan
(10:05:33) niceandgently at my spec file is ok
(10:05:47) Dan Mashal: it fails to build with fedora-review (10:05:54)
Dan Mashal: that's why i pushed mate-vfs (10:05:58) Dan Mashal: which
you deleted (10:06:00) Dan Mashal: agian, why I don't know
    (10:06:07) niceandgently at show me the output
    (10:06:22) Dan Mashal: the out put just says "mate-vfs" cannot be
found (10:06:27) Dan Mashal: and it fails
    (10:07:08) niceandgently at any other can review
without fc17 (10:07:12) Dan Mashal: so i had to manually build mate-vfs
    (10:07:12) Dan Mashal: install the rpm
    (10:07:15) niceandgently at why not you?
    (10:07:37) Dan Mashal: anyone can build it on koji
    (10:07:48) Dan Mashal: can they build it on a local system? fresh
install? (10:08:04) Dan Mashal: the build requires for libmate are as
follows: (10:08:04) Dan Mashal: mate-common
    (10:08:39) Dan Mashal: oh and GConf2
    (10:08:45) Dan Mashal: unless you use mate-conf
    (10:09:29) niceandgently at again pls use my
latest spec file and not th efirst one (10:09:35) Dan Mashal: i did
    (10:09:39) Dan Mashal: and i get error cannot find mate-vfs
    (10:09:45) Dan Mashal: so i pushed mate-vfs
    (10:09:45) Dan Mashal: and you deleted it
    (10:09:49) Dan Mashal: so why did you delete it?
    (10:09:53) Dan Mashal: because of your fucking repo/
    (10:10:52) niceandgently at because we build
anymore for f16/f17, see (10:11:00)
niceandgently at Talk with Rex (10:11:07) Dan Mashal:
that's not my problem (10:11:10) Dan Mashal: that's your problem
(10:11:12) Dan Mashal: you built mate-conf (10:11:14) Dan Mashal: not
me. (10:11:28) Dan Mashal: you fix it.
    (10:11:29) Dan Mashal: i dont touch your packages.
    (10:11:57) niceandgently at pls do not review
libmate and libmateui from me (10:12:07) Dan Mashal: sorry wolfang
    (10:12:12) Dan Mashal: I'm pretty fucking had it with you
    (10:12:17) Dan Mashal: and your fucking repo.
    (10:12:20) niceandgently at i know other pepple
who can do that (10:12:24) Dan Mashal: Tomorrow Rex is going to create
a Fedorapeople repo. (10:12:58) Dan Mashal: stay behaved.
    (10:13:10) Dan Mashal: a lot of people are noticing you in a
negative light, without me saying anything. (10:13:27)
niceandgently at no (10:13:30) Dan Mashal: yes.
    (10:14:00) Dan Mashal: why would I lie?
    (10:14:02) niceandgently at Rex prefer to stop
building for f16/f17 (10:14:12) Dan Mashal: Rex prefers that you
fucking get along (10:14:14) niceandgently at you did
ignore that (10:14:19) Dan Mashal: and quit acting like a child.
    (10:14:27) Dan Mashal: and stop wrorrying about your god damn
dropbox repo (10:14:28) Dan Mashal: alright?
    (10:14:37) Dan Mashal: i've had enough
    (10:14:45) niceandgently at me too
    (10:14:46) Dan Mashal: i spent 3 hours extra because you deleted
mate-vfs. (10:14:53) Dan Mashal: DONT DO IT AGAIN.
    (10:15:15) niceandgently at soory you don'T have
the knowledge for a reviewer (10:15:25) Dan Mashal: sorry you don't
have the knowledge of Fedora. 
    (10:15:37) Dan Mashal: sorry you are unappreciative and selfish.
    (10:15:44) Dan Mashal: sorry your #1 repo is your god damn repo.
    (10:15:48) Dan Mashal: sorry I included you
    (10:15:57) Dan Mashal: sorry I taught you IRC, Koji and Bodhi
    (10:16:11) Dan Mashal: sorry I didn't get you removed from
packaging privalidges when I had the change (10:16:14) Dan Mashal: I'd
be done by now (10:16:20) Dan Mashal: sorry for giving you 2nd,3rd and
4th chances (10:16:21) Dan Mashal: whatever
    (10:16:23) Dan Mashal: FUCK OFF.
    (10:16:37) Dan Mashal: you never put yourself in anyone elses shoes
but YOUR OWN (10:16:51) Dan Mashal: you know what's that's called?
SELFISHNESS. (10:17:11) Dan Mashal: now if you excuse me
    (10:17:16) Dan Mashal: I will post my comments to libmate review.
    (10:19:23) Dan Mashal: mrunge will be posting his own comments as
well. (10:19:34) Dan Mashal: now don't fucking rush me anymore on any
more reviews ever again. (10:19:40) Dan Mashal: fucking had it.
    (10:35:57) Dan Mashal: there
    (10:36:09) Dan Mashal: hope that helps.
    (10:36:13) Dan Mashal: I'm repushing mate-vfs.
    (10:36:16) Dan Mashal: you got a problem with it
    (10:36:18) Dan Mashal: talk to Rex.
    (10:36:25) Dan Mashal: Don't talk to me anymore unless it's to
apologize. (10:36:29) Dan Mashal: I've fucking had it.
    (10:36:36) Dan Mashal: you've had 3+ chances.
    (10:37:30) Dan Mashal: and don't play the wounded battered fucking
wife syndrome. it's not going to work. (10:37:38) Dan Mashal: good day,
mate. (10:44:58) Dan Mashal: fix mate-conf and mate-vfs or I will.
    (10:45:05) Dan Mashal: and don't delete my fucking update.
    (10:45:10) Dan Mashal: EOF
    (10:47:54) Dan Mashal: you fucked me on mate-icon-theme, mate-conf,
and now mate-vfs (10:49:06) Dan Mashal: regarding your repo: fucking
fix it. or get a fedora people repo up. (10:49:13) Dan Mashal: they are
using a 3rd party unsupported repo. (10:49:17) Dan Mashal: NOT FEDORA's

Nobody talks with me like that!!!!
 Also i will remember to his insults against me in 10 review request
Dan Mashal 2012-08-06 05:05:28 EDT
Due to your mental instability and immaturity with mate-conf you are
no longer welcome as a co-maintainer of the mate-desktop group. Please
discontinue any further work on this package.
Sorry, my life is too beautyful without such a negativ vibes.

Another example from Dan Mashal conversation.
Unterhaltung mit Dan Mashal am So 19 Aug 2012 12:49:48 CEST:
(12:49:48) Dan Mashal: hey
(12:50:18) niceandgently at Hi
(12:50:23) Dan Mashal: hows it goign
(12:50:52) niceandgently at fine
(12:51:01) Dan Mashal: warning: it's 4AM and I'm drunk
(12:51:32) niceandgently at i'm not, it's to early
(12:51:52) Dan Mashal: ok
(12:51:56) Dan Mashal: i went through the wiki last night
(12:52:17) Dan Mashal: we nede to fix libmate
(12:53:16) niceandgently at what's wrong with libmate
in wiki page? (12:53:27) Dan Mashal: not on wiki
(12:53:29) Dan Mashal: package itself
(12:53:52) niceandgently at and what is wrong?
(12:53:59) Dan Mashal: i dont remember
(12:54:03) Dan Mashal: i have to reinstall fedora AGIAN
(12:54:26) Dan Mashal: some buildreqires not found
(12:54:36) Dan Mashal: Fedora 18 is FUCKED

I don't need this.

Wolfgang Ulbrich

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