GPT and Fedora 17

Pádraig Brady P at
Mon Feb 6 23:19:21 UTC 2012

On 02/06/2012 10:40 PM, Brian C. Lane wrote:
> In Fedora 16 we changed to using GPT as the default disklabel for new
> installs. In a few cases, mostly limited to Lenovo hardware, we found
> that some BIOS's would not boot from GPT. We blacklisted Lenovo, falling
> back to msdos labels in order to solve this.
> Thanks to Matthew Garrett we found that switching on the boot flag of
> the GPT's protective MBR these BIOS's would then boot from GPT. Matthew
> wrote a patch for parted to allow controlling this flag using the
> disk_set pmbr_boot command in parted. This is in parted-3.0-7
> In anaconda-17.6 I have reverted the Lenovo blacklist and changed things
> so that pmbr_boot is always set on GPT labeled installs. This should
> ensure that thing boot correctly.
> If this still causes problems the symptom will be that grub never starts
> and the bios may complain about not being able to find an OS. If you
> have problems with this please open a bug with the output from dmidecode
> You can still force usage of msdos partitions by passing nogpt on the
> kernel cmdline.

Hmm, I tried that workaround I think on my Lenovo T520 with BIOS 1.29,
and it didn't help.  I.E. point (1.) from the link referenced here:

Fingers crossed I just missed something at the time.
I'll try out again tomorrow maybe.


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