Some fedora projects are still not using transifex (properly)

Jim Meyering jim at
Tue Feb 21 09:46:35 UTC 2012

Kévin Raymond wrote:
> I've managed to get the whole list of projects who appears
> dead, here they are:
> [D] iwhd

I deliberately switched iwhd from transifex to
because the latter provides anonymous rsync access, while transifex requires
that one register and use an account merely to download translations:

If you're used to version-controlling your project's .po files, you may
not see the point, since then, downloading .po files is usually done only
by the maintainer.  However, if you do not VC the .po files, but rather
pull them via a bootstrap script, as done by upstream coreutils, grep,
diffutils, parted, etc., then everyone who builds from a just-cloned
directory must download the .po files.  I don't want to impose the
burden of registering on those folks.

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