Some fedora projects are still not using transifex (properly)

Kévin Raymond shaiton at
Tue Feb 21 10:15:41 UTC 2012

Le mardi 21 févr. 2012 à 10:46:35 (+0100), Jim Meyering a écrit : 
> ...
> > [D] iwhd
> I deliberately switched iwhd from transifex to
> because the latter provides anonymous rsync access, while transifex requires
> that one register and use an account merely to download translations:

Thanks for letting us known, I'll ask for this project to be removed
The problem that I see is that the translators that have spent time
translating it has just seen their project removed, and an other guy is
able to continue translating. While some translators are expert, some
other just don't take enough time to get quality. I would have been
really desapointed in that case.

The is great, but you have one to many files
assigned to one translators (and not one to many translators in one
file), and you NEED to sign the Disclaimer with the FSF… 
I am still waiting for them to let me translate… If the make project
would have been in transifex, I would have corrected (lot of) typo by
December. I still not have acces while the assigned translator is not

> If you're used to version-controlling your project's .po files, you may
> not see the point, since then, downloading .po files is usually done only
> by the maintainer.  However, if you do not VC the .po files, but rather
> pull them via a bootstrap script, as done by upstream coreutils, grep,
> diffutils, parted, etc., then everyone who builds from a just-cloned
> directory must download the .po files.  I don't want to impose the
> burden of registering on those folks.

Yes I understand. You could probably ship pos without tracking them on
the history as other projects do (yum I think).

Hope to see the authentification removed soon (yeah your ticket is old

As always, there is no perfect tool/setup, thanks for telling us.

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