eclipse-3.7.1-7 upgrade issues

Roland Grunberg rgrunber at
Wed Jan 11 19:13:24 UTC 2012

There was a bit of discussion about the latest release of Fedora Eclipse.
A change made recently would cause installed eclipse plug-ins to not show up
if Eclipse was upgraded (

Some security issues in tomcat5 along with it being orphaned made it
necessary to break this dependency and upgrade Eclipse to using tomcat 7
jasper (upstream is doing the same for Eclipse Juno). To avoid a cyclic
dependency in subpackages (eclipse-jdt, eclipse-platform), some changes had
to be made that ultimately resulted in the upgrading issue.

There is a solution to this kind of problem being worked on in rawhide so
that this won't happen for future releases. For now the fix is to stop
Eclipse, and back-up the ~/.eclipse folder, followed by starting Eclipse
again. This should restore all plugins except for those that were not
installed through rpm. For plug-ins that were installed manually through
Eclipse, they would just need to be reinstalled.

Roland Grunberg

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