new comps group proposal: Virtualization Host

Alan Pevec apevec at
Mon Jan 23 16:09:45 UTC 2012

Hi all,

I'd like to add a new group in comps.xml to make it easier to install
minimal hypervisor based on Fedora.
It would include only basic virtualization software (libvirt and
qemu-kvm) and it would serve as a base to install virtualization
management stack on top of it.
Initial use-cases are:
- Fedora oVirt host where vdsm agent is installed on top of proposed
Virtualization Host group
  Also oVirt Node livecd kickstart would use that group instead of the
current list of packages:;a=blob;f=recipe/common-pkgs.ks;hb=HEAD

- Openstack nova nodes where various openstack-* packages are
installed, depending on the node configuration (compute, controller,
images or object store service)

Since comps groups can't be extended, flow is to choose Minimal on the
initial Anaconda screen, then Customize Now:
In the next step, under Base System category, new "Virtualization
Host" group is choosen.

This should produce a working hypervisor with networking where
additional packages can be installed using yum.

Questions for this list are:
- do you think there's value to have this "Virtualization Host" option
in the first Anaconda screen, among Graphical Desktop/Software
Development/Web Server and Minimal, to avoid the second step?
  This list of options is defined in anaconda and each option maps to
a list of actual comps groups
- any better suggestions for the name of the group, maybe
"Virtualization Minimal", "Minimal Hypervisor", "Virtualization Node"

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