new comps group proposal: Virtualization Host

Daniel P. Berrange berrange at
Mon Jan 23 16:18:17 UTC 2012

On Mon, Jan 23, 2012 at 05:09:45PM +0100, Alan Pevec wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'd like to add a new group in comps.xml to make it easier to install
> minimal hypervisor based on Fedora.
> It would include only basic virtualization software (libvirt and
> qemu-kvm) and it would serve as a base to install virtualization
> management stack on top of it.
> Initial use-cases are:
> - Fedora oVirt host where vdsm agent is installed on top of proposed
> Virtualization Host group
>   Also oVirt Node livecd kickstart would use that group instead of the
> current list of packages:
> - Openstack nova nodes where various openstack-* packages are
> installed, depending on the node configuration (compute, controller,
> images or object store service)
> Since comps groups can't be extended, flow is to choose Minimal on the
> initial Anaconda screen, then Customize Now:
> *
> In the next step, under Base System category, new "Virtualization
> Host" group is choosen.
> *
> This should produce a working hypervisor with networking where
> additional packages can be installed using yum.
> Questions for this list are:
> - do you think there's value to have this "Virtualization Host" option
> in the first Anaconda screen, among Graphical Desktop/Software
> Development/Web Server and Minimal, to avoid the second step?
>   This list of options is defined in anaconda and each option maps to
> a list of actual comps groups
> - any better suggestions for the name of the group, maybe
> "Virtualization Minimal", "Minimal Hypervisor", "Virtualization Node"
> ?

You don't mention the eisting 'Virtualization' group there, which
is historically what people have installed when wanting a virtualization
host. Admittedly this does include some desktop tools too.

If introducing a new group for the host, then I'd say we might want
to also change the existing group to be solely the client mgmt tools
"Virtualization Client" ?   It gets even more fuzzy when you wonder
where the new 'GNOME Boxes' app will live - probably under 'GNOME'
desktop I presume ?

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