new comps group proposal: Virtualization Host

Bill Nottingham notting at
Mon Jan 23 20:26:17 UTC 2012

Alan Pevec (apevec at said: 
> Since comps groups can't be extended, flow is to choose Minimal on the
> initial Anaconda screen, then Customize Now:
> *
> In the next step, under Base System category, new "Virtualization
> Host" group is choosen.
> *
> Questions for this list are:
> - do you think there's value to have this "Virtualization Host" option
> in the first Anaconda screen, among Graphical Desktop/Software
> Development/Web Server and Minimal, to avoid the second step?

Note that we're redefining comps groups some, which will (eventually)
filter into the anaconda interface.
for more details, but in any case, I wouldn't worry about trying to lock
down the 'how-to-do-this-in-anaconda'.

> - any better suggestions for the name of the group, maybe
> "Virtualization Minimal", "Minimal Hypervisor", "Virtualization Node"

'Virtualization Hypervisor'?


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