The question of rolling release?

Frank Murphy frankly3d at
Tue Jan 24 12:38:20 UTC 2012

On 24/01/12 12:30, mike cloaked wrote:

> The number of problems that have been reported to the lists for yum
> upgrades seems very large.  Although for any rolling release there
> have been occasions where unforeseen problems have arisen the day to
> day updates have been largely routine and trouble free.... hence from
> what I have observed from the lists rolling releases (which of course
> are generally a small percentage of the package set) are much less
> problematic than one giant upgrade to all packages.   Also yum
> upgrades only occur once the next system version is released whereas
> rolling release means that individual components can be updated as
> soon as they release upstream.

I've been doing this a while,
F16 yum --releasever=17 update --bugfixes --exclude=fedora-release*


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