The question of rolling release?

Frank Murphy frankly3d at
Tue Jan 24 12:57:19 UTC 2012

On 24/01/12 12:41, mike cloaked wrote:
> This was meant as a discussion in the desirability or otherwise of the
> concept of rolling release.Of course manpower is required to make it
> happen.

Desirability and manpower can't be seperated in some situations.
This being one. page to the sig\wiki suggestion.
Project Managment 101. Get wiki\sig
What's lacking, what can we do to fix\improve?

However as I said in my original post other distributions have
> already made the decision on the philosophy and people have stepped up
> to the plate to make it happen. It is already happening in other
> distros, to the question remains as to whether it is a way forward for
> Fedora - the decision might be "no". In which case Fedora moves on
> with its current plans unchanged.

It may be no, due to manpower\time issues, back to sig\wiki.

On the other hand if the decision
> is "yes" then the question is whether Fedora has the available
> resources to make it happen -

You will probably get an answer based solely on this.

  but that is a separate issue from
> answering whether or not it is desirable.
Raher than this.

> Of course Fedora is competing with other distributions - inevitably,

Wh?,, you use the tool that suits the job.
Be it Fedora, Ubuntu, MS, Mac et al

> and indeed Fedora is supported by people who are paid by Redhat as
> well as many others who work voluntarily.

Like some other distros.

- it is important to be
> ahead of the game and not responding after the event when it might be
> too late!

Hence the wiki\sig

> That was why I raised the question. Clearly any change requires
> majority support - and getting decisions right at an early stage is
> important. I don't have the answers but I believe this discussion is
> needed.

Don't discuss, do
There are probably many here who have attended meetings about meetings.
Where all it takes is, "I'll do it, John\Jane Doe might help"
and return with your prototype\iteraion.


Frank Murphy
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