another upgrade, another disaster

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Fri Jun 1 08:37:00 UTC 2012

2012/5/31 Adam Williamson <awilliam at>

> > Third bug: after preupgrade finished to download fc17 packages, I
> > rebooted, but grub did not have a “upgrade system” entry. So the
> > computer is not upgradable with preupgrade.
> Need more information.
> Could it be?

> So now, developers say that they need more people to do beta testing,
> > but my question is: if at least 80% userbase had troubles with grub
> > showing old kernels, is it possible that nobody of testers had this
> > problem? I really don't think so.
> No, that is not the case. See above. The issues with old kernel sticking
> around after upgrade were already known and reported before release.
> The #820351 case is fundamentally more or less impossible to solve
> entirely, outside of sticking Epochs in the kernel package. So there was
> no point holding up the release for that. The #820340 case is specific
> to preupgrade and isn't a showstopper, so we didn't hold the release for
> that one either. There is an upgrade currently in testing that ought to
> fix it.
> Please apologize me, but if #820340 was not a showstopper, so which bug
should be a showstopper? I am very disappointed with that, because
preupgrade is the official supported way to upgrade Fedora versions
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