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On 05/31/2012 08:03 PM, Gregory Maxwell wrote:
> I wasn't responding to MJG, I was responding to Peter— who said I
> was wrong in the message where I was stating that a freedom is
> being lost, and has subsequently spoken more clearly on the
> position— and Byrn. It seemed to me that they were arguing that the
> freedom of fedora wasn't being compromised here.  My understanding
> has been refined by further discussion, though I'm still not
> completely sure if all people actually take the loss of freedom
> seriously, or if they do but just can't accept the idea that the
> alternative is actually an option.

If you read my posts carefully you might have noticed that I have not
actually taken a position on this feature. I was only responding to
the tone and content of your message which I still feel was
unnecessarily alarmist and not adding anything to the discussion.

I am not working on this feature and I'm quite capable of telling my
system's firmware to do what I want so there's little practical
implication for me.

I see the arguments on both sides and I regret that we appear to be
between a rock and a hard place here.

At the same time I have a lot of trust in the people who are working
on this in Fedora and I have faith that the project will try to seek
the best compromise between the freedoms we value and the realities of
the market and environment we find ourselves in.

Invoking the conspiracy card on these discussions and decisions really
just takes us further into the mire.

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