As we develop SELinux we are adding new labels to homedir content

Bill Peck bpeck at
Fri Jun 1 12:10:05 UTC 2012

On 06/01/2012 06:14 AM, Lennart Poettering wrote:
> On Thu, 31.05.12 15:44, Daniel J Walsh (dwalsh at wrote:
> Heya,
>> We have added file trans by name rules to policy to fix a lot of
>> files/directories being created with the correct label.
>> We have problems on Distribution updates (F16-F17) though, where there is a
>> files/directories in the homedir that are mislabeled.
>> We have "restorecond -u"  which we run in F15/F16 which examines the homedir
>> and fixes any files directories it finds mislabeled in ~.  If it finds a dir
>> which is mislabeled, it will relabel the directory and all of its children.
>> We have turned this tool off by default on the desktop in F17, because
>> filename transition rules are doing a pretty good job of maintaining the
>> labels in the homedir.  But this tool never did a great job of fixing
>> mislabeled subdirs, if the top level directory in the homedir was labeled
>> correctly.
>> You can enable this tool with /etc/xdg/autostart/restorecond.desktop
>> One possible fix to this would be to force a system relabel on everything on
>> upgrades, while this would fix the labels, it is considered to time consuming.
>> (restorecon -R -v / or touch /.autorelabel)
>> Another option would be to just relabel /home (# restorecon -R -v /home) at
>> upgrade time.  But this would also be time consuming. And would not catch the
>> cases where the homedir is not in /home.
> I am strongly for this option. Allowing the user to login while the
> relabel is still in progress (like it would with restorecond, right?)
> sounds like a really bad idea... I mean, incorrect labels when used just
> lead to more incorrect labels, no? And incorrect labels also result in
> access errors? Both sound like something to avoid...
> To me it appears that preupgrade should really take care of this on all
> Fedora release updates.
> If the relabelling is slow, maybe we can do something about that? Do you
> know why it is slow? Is this more IO bound? Or is the label lookup slow
> and this is CPU bound? If the latter it might be possible to parallelize
> the relabelling?
> (I wouldn't care too much about homedirs outside of /home. A not in the
> release notes for such cases should suffice)
> Lennart

How does this affect home dirs which are served over nfs?

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