sys/sysctl.h and bits/sysctl.h in rawhide/f18?

Kaleb S. KEITHLEY kkeithle at
Fri Jun 1 12:33:09 UTC 2012

On 05/31/2012 02:00 PM, Jim Meyering wrote:
> Kaleb Keithley wrote:
>> About a week ago I did a scratch build of one of my packages that
>> includes<sys/sysctl.h>  and it built successfully.
>> Today I did another scratch build and it broke with:
>> ...
>> Making all in src
>>    CC     fuse-helpers.lo
>>    CC     fuse-resolve.lo
>>    CC     fuse-bridge.lo
>>    CC     misc.lo
>> In file included from fuse-helpers.c:24:0:
>> /usr/include/sys/sysctl.h:63:25: fatal error: bits/sysctl.h: No such
>> file or directory
>> compilation terminated.
>> ...
> I noticed that today and reported it:

I note that a new build of glibc, including glibc-headers occurred late 
yesterday (2012-05-31), but the fix was not included.

Is there an ETA for when this will be fixed? I'm probably not the only 
one that this is affecting.




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