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Reindl Harald h.reindl at thelounge.net
Fri Jun 1 16:28:06 UTC 2012

Am 01.06.2012 18:21, schrieb Lennart Poettering:
> I think most of the noise in this flame thread is due to a
> misunderstanding how modern memory management works and the assumption
> that having an explicit size limit on /tmp was a bad thing, even though
> it actually is a good thing... In fact, we need much stronger limits
> than what tmpfs currently provides: per-user limits on the usage of
> /tmp. But that's something for the future...

no, you are missing the balance between POSSIBLE benefits
and side-effects and lot of work from admins and pakcages

* it is a valid workload that a application creates a 10 GB tempfile
* ok, you say: use /var/tmp
* well, i say: my whole rootfs is only 4 GB and 2 Gb are used

so waht do we do now?

i known my workload and created a 30 GB /tmp
my rootfs is large enough
/var/log and /var/cache are own partitions

the 10 GB temp-file will not be stored in /tmp where is
enough storage because yoz enforce pakcages to "fix" apllications
not use your holy /tmp for large things

the 10 GB temp-file does not fit in rootfs aka /var/tmp
the 10 GB temp-file does not fit in the memory

did you EVER think about real workloads?

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