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Debarshi Ray <rishi.is at lostca.se> wrote:

> Based on the comments of this thread can a working group or sig be set up
> to build on MG and Co's work to find the most workable solution that
> preserves the reputation of the project.

If you had read the thread carefully, then people (Matthew, Peter, Tom) have
made it abundantly clear that if someone has a better solution then they are
willing to hear.

Till now the only alternative people have proposed is to not support Secure
Boot, and ask users to turn it off on their systems.

Forming a working group or SIG won't automatically start generating better

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I have read the thread carefully and I will thank you to be more polite. It is clear there is no simple answer or easy solution. 

My point was to be practical and attempt to get from base 1 to base 2 with the aim of getting to base 4 down the road...

Is this not a sensible way forward?

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