*countable infinities only

Rahul Sundaram metherid at gmail.com
Sun Jun 3 06:23:28 UTC 2012

On 06/03/2012 07:05 AM, Steve Clark wrote:

> But don't you think that if they are determined enough to go to bugzilla
> and make an entry they
> are smart enough to turn off secure boot? I guess my feeling is that
> people that have the where
> withall to attempt to load another OS on their Windows box won't be
> afraid to disable secure boot
> especially if it is explained to them why they need to.

I am not sure you can validate your feelings by the people who you talk
to.  You got to be aware that there a number of users who have installed
Fedora but never have posted in bugzilla at all and dont equate interest
and ability to fiddle BIOS settings with smartness.

Just because people have the ability to install Fedora and post in a
forum doesn't mean that you can reliably assume that they are willing to
fiddle with BIOS settings on their system or they would prefer that over
a installation that just works.  We have worked for years to make Fedora
more usable and be easily installable for users who are transitioning
from Windows.  One could argue that the regression in usability is not
as important as the loss of freedom in this specific instance but it is
undeniable that it is a usability regression that would affect a number
of users.


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