another upgrade, another disaster

Alexander Boström abo at
Sun Jun 3 09:00:30 UTC 2012

fre 2012-06-01 klockan 09:48 -0700 skrev Adam Williamson:

> Frankly, I'd prefer it if we more strongly recommended that people do
> DVD/netinst upgrades. That path is less complex than preupgrade and
> involves fewer moving parts; it's easier to test and easier to fix and
> more likely, in general, to be working at any given point.

Please no. Once Fedora is installed it really ought to be able to
upgrade itself without needing new boot media twice a year, that's just
not user friendly. It's also much safer to first download everything and
then start the RPM transaction. (IIUC a normal Anaconda upgrade will
download packages during the upgrade.)


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