Reporting a bug on several components - rpath issue

Nicolas Chauvet kwizart at
Mon Jun 4 09:22:24 UTC 2012


I was trying to check if packages on my system has defined a rpath (1)
, I've made a little script:

# for f in $(ls /usr/lib64/*.so.* ) ; do chrpath ${f} &>/dev/null;
RETVAL=$?; if [ ! $RETVAL == 2 ] ; then chrpath ${f} ; rpm -qf ${f} ;
echo "" ; fi; done

This script reported around 70 rpath on my system related to nearly 20
different components.

For the record, rpmdev-setuptree adds a rpm macro for a local RPM
packaging environment:
%__arch_install_post   /usr/lib/rpm/check-rpaths   /usr/lib/rpm/check-buildroot
So that's prevent rpmbuild to build a package using rpath with success.
This is not defined in the fedora buildsys by default. (nor autoqa ?...)

Now I would like to know how to massively report a bug for each
related component ? (at least those that define an rpath in /usr/lib64
from a library in the same directory).
Is there any experience doing such bugreport ?

For the root cause of the rpath issue on lib64 system is related to a
non-upstreamed patch (2) from libtool that prevents (most of the time)
the detection of the lib64 sub-directory to be in the default search
path of the system linker. Project generated from an upstream version
of libtool are likely to generate such issue.

Nicolas (kwizart)


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