Self Introduction

Alexey I. Froloff raorn at
Mon Jun 4 10:43:57 UTC 2012


I am the new Fedora Package Collection Maintainer.  I'm from
Russia, my name is Alexey, but people call me "raorn" (begins
with small letter "r").

I was Packager in ALT Linux distro for about eight years, my
interests are IPv6, OpenFlow, Vim, zsh, mutt, ruby and
WindowMaker.  I'm familiar with git and rpm stuff, if you wish,
you may take a look at my ALT Linux packages here:

I've been working with several upstreams, like zsh, Vim,
WindowMaker, ndisc6 and recently got my first patch merged into
Linux kernel ;-)

I am switching to Fedora as my primary desktop platform, but I am
missing some applications.  Andreas Bierfert (awjb), who's
WindowMaker package finally made me chose Fedora, agreed to be my
sponsor.  For now I'll be packaging bunch of WindowMaker applets
and one day I'd like to resurrect wdm (WINGs Display Manager).  I
am also big fan of IPv6, running little IPv6-only network with
dual-stack router, my setup is described here -

In the Internet I am using nickname "raorn" (IRC, twitter) or,
for 6-letters-or-longer-nickname-required sites I use "sir.raorn"
(gmail, facebook).

My public gpg key attached.

P.S. I am also an Old Fart and will take part in most of the
local flamewars ;-)

Regards,    --
Sir Raorn.   ---
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