Orphaning ncpfs

Vitezslav Crhonek vcrhonek at redhat.com
Mon Jun 4 12:10:20 UTC 2012

Hi all,

I'm orphaning ncpfs package (utilities for the ncpfs filesystem,
a NetWare client for Linux). I don't have a access to NetWare and
time to maintain the package. Ncpfs is pretty old, but it's still
used. Written in C, upstream is not interested in it anymore.

There are five opened bugs, two of them are security related.

I can offer SRPM for Mars (Martin Stovers NetWare-Emulator [1])
as a small gift:) - it may be useful.

If anyone is willing to maintain the package, feel free to take it.

[1] http://www.compu-art.de/mars_nwe/

Best regards,
Vitezslav Crhonek

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