Update ImageMagick in Fedora 16

Pavel Alexeev forum at hubbitus.com.ru
Mon Jun 4 15:36:29 UTC 2012

03.06.2012 22:57, Tadej Janež wrote:
> Pavel,
> On Tue, 2012-05-29 at 20:21 +0400, Pavel Alexeev wrote:
>> It is main reason why I request provenpackager rights. In fedora 17 it
>> was so painful because I several times asks build dependencies and
>> then ask help to push updates too.
>> I think in that turn now I can do all that myself, so it should be
>> smoother.
>> As there around 6 security issues, I think update upstream release is
>> easiest, and furthermore robust way handle it.
> I've seen you didn't listen to Tomáš's or Kalev's advice on not bumping
> the ImageMagick's soname in a stable release.
> Furthermore, you didn't give any warning to the maintainers of the
> dependent packages (except for the message on this list).
> In my opinion, being a provenpackager is no excuse for not doing that.
> Please, use the packagename-owner at fedoraproject.org addresses to send
> out emails to the appropriate package maintainers.
I post message there over week ago. I thought it was sufficient. 
Provenpackager rights off course do not excuse that or other mistakes. 
On the contrary it only take me possibility make such tasks without make 
troubles for others. If I must also write to each maintainer separately 
- I promise do it next time. Sorry.
> For techne (one of the dependent packages which I maintain) you bumped
> the release from 0.2.3-2 to 0.2.3-3, which breaks upgrades to F-17 and
> rawhide.
> Is there a way to revert the change and make a 0.2.3-2.fc16.1 build?
I do not known unfortunately.
Furthermore I've submitted update to testing ta moment read that 
May be it possible just update in Fedora 17 too?

Additionally have worth I try read carefully all docs about 
provenpackager and such updates and have not found how deal with such 
versions. I had look in my packages and few others and found it was 
updated many times in that way. In packages were was present subrelease 
after %{?dist} - I increase it.
Should or must in next time I add it in any package even it does not 
have it??

I apologize for the inconvenience. Can I help something now?
If you or other will insist I may unpush that update and try patch IM 
for all issues off course... But I really do not want doing it now.
> Best regards,
> Tadej Janež

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