Update ImageMagick in Fedora 16

Johannes Lips johannes.lips at googlemail.com
Mon Jun 4 17:37:47 UTC 2012

Pete Walter wrote:
> Pavel Alexeev <forum <at> hubbitus.com.ru> writes:
>> May be in next time? What disadvantages you are seen proceed with that 
>> update? Do you try test it?
> No, I did not test this. And here's a few reasons why I think this 
> shouldn't be pushed:
>  - You are forcing others to do work they otherwise wouldn't need to 
>    do.  Why do you want me to test ImageMagick functionality in 57
>    dependant packages?  Fix your security bugs and leave other 
>    packages alone.  F16 is supposed to be stable.
>  - A major ImageMagick update that introduces new features and new code 
>    invalidates the QA that has gone into the packages that use 
>    ImageMagick.
>  - Needless update churn.  We have the Stable Updates Policy for a 
>    reason.  Do you development on rawhide and let stable Fedora 
>    release be stable.
>  - The soname bump breaks third party packages that use ImageMagick 
>    libraries.  An example is 'transcode' from rpmfusion.
> http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Updates_Policy explicitly says that such
> ABI bumps are left to the discretion of FESCO and the packager.  Have 
> you already asked FESCO for their blessing?
> "Note that you should open this dialog _BEFORE_ you build or push updates."
>   Pete
Just to be fair there was a mail to this mailing list, where he
described his plans. [1]
Also I think he did the major part of the work and if it's fine for him,
I don't really see a problem. I mean of course it could be better and he
could also bump the releases of all the newer fedora versions, but I
think there is not so much work for the package maintainers left.
I don't want to argue in favor of the whole upgrade but I think the
criticism is a bit too harsh.


[1] http://lists.fedoraproject.org/pipermail/devel/2012-May/167462.html

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