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Tue Jun 5 02:17:36 UTC 2012

I follow this thread, and I follow the other thread about the same
topic, on the user forum where I belong. Flame if if you like for
posting her, but when I read this URLs below [1], I do feel worry.


[1] "So quickly, in fact, that there is no longer time for anything to
interrupt boot. When you turn on a Windows 8 PC, there’s no longer long
enough to detect keystrokes like F2 or F8, much less time to read a
message such as “Press F2 for Setup.” For the first time in decades,
you will no longer be able to interrupt boot and tell your PC to do
anything different than what it was already expecting to do."

I am located in Japan, I use pre-installed windows (as if it was a
choice) notebooks because I need mobility. My usage of Linux is the
desktop, not the server. Knowing the mentality the Japanese makers,
they will surely enforce UEFI on their W8 models, not letting users
disabling it at boot time.

The only think I expect [hope], at the time of the purchase of my next
notebook (W8/UEFI) -- mine is now 7 y.o. over -- is to erase the OS for
morons. To install my beloved distribution on a empty volume,
and to boot.

Explain me how to remove secure boot, I will do it. It's a chore,
thanks to the nice people at M$, but I want to do it. And that's
possibly (but I speak for myself) what most casual Linux DE users want.
They want to run Linux only.

On a side note:
I could not probably not run Linux if I had to compile all my software.
I can today because of projects like Fedora. And I feel grateful. I
don't use a Linux distribution because i am a computer geek, I use
Linux in the same manner i would use an machine gun, if I was living in
a middle east country, fighting for my freedom.

I keep a bullet for the fat sweaty bald pig.
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