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On 06/01/2012 06:53 PM, Kevin Kofler wrote:
> Jon Ciesla wrote:
>> For all available firmware vendors and models?
> For the ones that end users are actually likely to have, which
> aren't that many. There are much fewer BIOS vendors than hardware
> vendors.

That unfortunately does not translate to fewer BIOS variations. I had
a case in the last three months of a system from a major OEM that did
not follow any of the common conventions for their desktop systems for
accessing the configuration menu during POST.

This is particularly common with all those dinky/funky/cute small form
factor home and media PCs; they just seem to toss in whatever firmware
was lying around the factory floor that day and hope for the best. ;)

This is the reality that Peter is talking about when he describes the
difficulty of documenting this sufficiently well. Considering the
whole of the interwebs can't manage to document how to enter the
configuration menu for all systems I'd say he's got a point.

I'd also guess that a disproportionate number of owners of these
systems are in the "POST my what to the who?" camp.

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