another upgrade, another disaster

Michal Schmidt mschmidt at
Wed Jun 6 14:36:12 UTC 2012

On 06/06/2012 12:15 PM, Benny Amorsen wrote:
>> 3. yum *if you follow the instructions carefully*
> Those instructions include dracut doing unspecified magic. For other
> releases I'd agree with you and do a yum upgrade, but I must admit I
> don't dare try this time.

Upgrading with Anaconda causes the same 'magic' to be run.

Despite having to do more steps manually, I had better success with 
upgrading to F17 using yum than with the other methods.

One problem with upgrading using Anaconda from F15 was when it 
encountered the "qt-examples" package. Anaconda just reported an error 
in the middle of the upgrade and offered no way to continue. Recovering 
from that was quite painful. Further investigation showed the likely 
reason was a case of the known symlink vs. directory rpm issue.
With yum upgrade the issue affects only the one package, but allows the 
transaction to finish.


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