rawhide: libudev version bump, merged into systemd, libudev user need rebuild

Garrett Holmstrom gholms at fedoraproject.org
Wed Jun 6 15:52:52 UTC 2012

On 2012-06-06 6:26, Adam Jackson wrote:
> On Wed, 2012-06-06 at 01:12 +0200, Sandro Mani wrote:
>> After having had some funny issues in the past due to there being two
>> systemds (x86_64, i686) installed for some reason, something tells me
>> that it's a bad idea to proceed with the update. Or am I wrong?
> Having two systemd packages installed isn't necessarily a problem, rpm's
> "color" concept on ELF objects should mean that x86_64 should win
> wherever the two packages' files collide, which should only be
> in /usr/*bin.  It's still not the prettiest thing in the world, I admit;
> I'd be happier if there were a systemd-libs even if it were effectively
> not optional.

Does rpm handle binaries' "colors" everywhere, or just in selected 
locations?  I'm especially curious about /usr/lib.

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