Fedora ARM and SecureBoot

Oron Peled oron at actcom.co.il
Fri Jun 8 21:15:53 UTC 2012

On Friday, 8 בJune 2012 20:07:20 Gerry Reno wrote:
> On 06/08/2012 01:04 PM, Adam Williamson wrote:
> > That is only assuming that Windows on ARM is successful, of which so far
> > there's been precious little indication.
> There is a tidal wave of these PC ARM devices coming:
> http://www.itworld.com/hardware/240039/qualcomm-targets-pcs-takes-aim-

Hmmm... we've seen this "Windows-on-non-x86" movie twice before:
 - Remember Alpha's? Digital (RIP) really thought MS would give them the
   keys to the kingdom. There was a released version. It was good enough
   to frighten Intel at the time (which was probably the reason MS did
   it). Linux sold manyfolds more Alpha's than Windows.

 - Ahhh, and of course MS found new suckers who bought the same
   used story few years later (yes, I'm talking about Windows/PPC
   that lived a very short life).

So far, MS failed misserably in the cellular space so there's a good
chance their exclusionary move on ARM will only help convince vendors
that shipping Androids (and by extension other Linuces) is safer bet.

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