*countable infinities only

Chris Smart fedora at christophersmart.com
Sat Jun 9 13:19:47 UTC 2012

On 09/06/12 19:34, drago01 wrote:
>> Is that actually true though?
>> >
>> > If Fedora does not implement some form of Secure Boot support, 100% of
>> > Fedora users will still be able to install Fedora on new machines, after
>> > they disable Secure Boot, if their computer even has it at all (and
>> > personally, I think the majority of Fedora users will simply buy
>> > hardware which does not have Secure Boot). I know I would.
> No because some users in don't know what a firmware is and can't/don't
> want to fiddle with it.

Except it won't be that hard. We say "firmware" but it's the interface
we're talking about. It'll be just like going into the BIOS and setting
the boot order, date, or turning on hardware virtualisation support.
We're not talking about flashing firmware, running commands or anything
like that.

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