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On Sunday, 10 בJune 2012 17:10:05 Jon Ciesla wrote:
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> #topic #857 F18 Feature: Initial Experience -

Being a KDE user, this feature page was my first encounter with
this interesting proposal. As a result I also followed the mentioned:
and related:

I wanted to raise 3 separated issues not mentioned in Fedora feature page:
 1. There's no mention of other desktops:
    * For example, let's assume KDE has no equivalent feature.

    * We still need the KDE (or other desktops) spin to have during
      the first boot a functionality (but not necessarily the same look)
      of "firstboot"

    * So IMO, this feature should explicitly mention how it intends to
      treat other desktops (e.g: booting with KDM, LXDM) regarding basic
      mandatory configuration (e.g: creating new user, setting timezone)

 2. The GUI seems to bundle system-wide settings with per-user ones:
    * What if *other* GNOME users would like to use the same modern
      GUI to enroll into their online accounts on their first login?

    * It seems to me a lot better not to mix "first boot" functionality
      with "first login" functionality.

    * Even if the design people want to pack them into a single "integral"
      UI, the per-user part should still be designed to be operational
      by itself on "first login" of any user (not only the one that
      installed the system).
      [obviously, a new user should have her chance to take the "tour"
       on first login even if the system was installed 5 months ago by
       someone else]

 3. No mention of kickstart integration:
    * Would we still be able to have fully automatic install?
      [without the first user being bothered with system level
       stuff like networks, timezones, etc.]

I think these 3 aspects should be marked in the feature page and with
proposed strategy to handle each of them.

Thanks (maybe it's all taken care for, and I simply missed it in
the feature page...)

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