wine font changes system look and feel

Kamil Paral kparal at
Mon Jun 11 13:19:41 UTC 2012

> Andreas Bierfert wrote:
> > We could of course aim for a dual-solution: Let
> > wine-tahoma-fonts put the fonts in the wine font dir (mandatory for
> > wine) and add a wine-tahoma-fonts-system package (names suggestions
> > welcome) which also puts the fonts in the system wide font path
> > (optional).
> I believe this would be the best solution available.
> The -system package can contain just a symlink to the wine-specific
> font directory.
> > If this would be a feasible solution I would still like some
> > opinions
> > if
> > this should be done for both fonts or just for the reported bugs
> > about
> > the bold version.
> I wonder, are all wine-provided fonts just (non-identical)
> replacements for Microsoft fonts, or is this the case only for
> WineTahoma?
> If there are likely to be similar issues with other wine fonts, could
> we just install all of them to wine-specific font directory and then
> create a new package "wine-fonts-system" that would depend on
> "wine-fonts" and installed symlinks into system-wide font directory
> for all the wine fonts?
> The result would be:
> * If you install wine, all wine fonts are installed just for wine,
> the rest of the system is not touched.
> * If you install wine-fonts-system, all the wine fonts are available
> system-wide.

Andreas, what do you think?

If you are not fond of this complete solution, can you implement at least the wine-tahoma-fonts vs wine-tahoma-fonts-system separation, as you proposed?


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