Changes to the process of becoming a packaging sponsor

Jason L Tibbitts III tibbs at
Mon Jun 11 20:39:07 UTC 2012

A while back, FESCo approved and I implemented some changes to the
process of becoming a sponsor in the packager group, and I wanted to
make sure that everyone is aware since the path to becoming a sponsor is
shorter and simpler than ever before.

The most important change is that sponsor status no longer implies
provenpackager status.  Sponsor status is now solely about helping new
packagers through the process.  We now use the following simplified
criteria for new sponsors:

 * Maintain at least three packages.
 * Have done five high quality, nontrivial package reviews.
 * Have been a member of the packager group for at least one release
   cycle (generally six months) so that you have seen the process of
   branching for a new release.

Requests for sponsor status are now made via a trac instance: and are voted on by the
existing sponsors.

One final, and less-related change, is that the above trac instance can
also be used by new packagers to request fedorapeople access for their
packages during the review process.  This replaces (or at least
augments) an informal procedure by which people had to find the right
person after their review had been posted or come to IRC at the right
time to get fedorapeople access.

So, if you believe you meet the above criteria and would like to sponsor
new contributors, please feel free to step up and file a ticket in our
new trac instance.

 - J<

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