[LGA 1155 motherboards] Multi-Monitor does NOT work when 1 monitor uses Intel GPU and another monitor uses Nvidia GPU -- (Sandy Bridge & Ivy Bridge iGPU)

Malcolm Turmel malcolm.turmel at gmail.com
Wed Jun 13 06:54:09 UTC 2012

The both adapters have to be running simultaneously.

I can explain how it worked in Windows 7:

1. The Main Monitor is connected using the Nvidia card's VGA output.

2. After installing Windows 7, download the Nvidia Drivers. Once
installed you will see Nvidia icon in system tray.

3. The Motherboard has another VGA output soldiered on it. This is for
people who don't have dedicated graphics card.

4. If a person has a dedicated card this is Disabled by default.

5. Then go into the BIOS settings to enable Multi-Monitor support.

6. Connecting  the Second Monitor to the Motherboard's VGA port will
not do anything at this time.

7. Downloaded either the Intel Graphics Driver from Intel's website,
or the VGA drivers that usually are available from the Manufacturer's
website (eg. MSI or ASUS etc)

8. Now the second monitor will light up.

9. There will be a new tray icon for Intel graphics settings.

10. If you unplug the Second monitor this goes away from the system tray.

11. If you unplug the Main monitor, the Nvidia icon stays, but I don't
think you can change any settings.

12. When both the monitors are connected. there are 2 icons in the
system tray, and you can modify the settings for both: the Intel
Graphics connected monitor and Nvidia Graphics connected monitor.

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