multilib conflict with doxygen generated pdf

Tom Lane tgl at
Wed Jun 13 13:28:15 UTC 2012

Xavier Bachelot <xavier at> writes:
> Does anyone have any pointer on how to fix a multilib conflict with a 
> doxygen generated pdf file ? I was able to fix the same multilib issue 
> with the html files by modifying the footer to not include the 
> timestamp, but I don't find any pointer on how to proceed for the pdf file.

Yeah, I find that the sgml to pdf toolchain also likes to put timestamps
into the PDF file.  The solution I've used for many years is to build
the PDF doc once during package preparation, and upload it as an
additional sources file.  This eliminates the timestamp skew problem
and also greatly reduces the BuildRequires footprint of the package.

You can look into the postgresql package if you want to borrow any
details (the script is probably pretty postgresql
specific, but the packaging details around its use might be worth

			regards, tom lane

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