Accidentally enabled service after update from F16 to F17 - solutions?

Stanislav Ochotnicky sochotnicky at
Thu Jun 14 12:59:26 UTC 2012

So...I've transitioned jetty to systemd in F17. However during the
transition I made a terribly stupid thing: enabled the service by
default, which really was an accident (#831280).

This only happens on systems which had jetty installed on F16 and
updated to F17. Since jetty is eclipse dependency a lot of development
machines will have this as well.

Now, I've prepared a patch (attached) that should fix the issue. There
is however one part of it which I'd like to ask opinions about:

+# bug 831280, needs to stay here until F19
+# users should enable jetty themselves. It was enabled accidentaly
+%triggerun -- jetty < 8.1.2-9
+/bin/systemctl --no-reload disable jetty.service >/dev/null 2>&1 ||:
+/bin/systemctl --no-reload stop jetty.service >/dev/null 2>&1 ||:

This trigger will do following:
If we are updating from previous releases, we disable the service and
stop it if it's running

The first line of the trigger is not very controversial I'd say. If the
user hasn't enabled the service, it should be disabled by default.
We have no way to know if the user wanted this enabled, or not. He might
have even had it enabled in F16 and we disable this for him. Not an
ideal solution, however leaving it be would result in having
potentionally insecure web server running by default on a lot of

The second line...well not sure here. Since I don't want to wait for
users to restart their machine to get it secure again, I'd prefer to
stop the service.

There would obviously be a description in the update which would explain
the situation, but I doubt most users read it. I'd rather they realized
their jetty is not running and having to enable to it manually than (or
search for a solution). If we just told users to disable the service
manually I worry a lot of them would not realize this.


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