redhat-rpm-config and rpm-build

John5342 john5342 at
Thu Jun 14 21:30:00 UTC 2012

On Thu, Jun 14, 2012 at 9:53 PM, Paul Wouters <pwouters at> wrote:
> On Tue, 12 Jun 2012, John5342 wrote:
>>> Why is redhat-rpm-config not a dependancy dragged in by rpm-build?
>> I imagine because rpmbuild is in fact useful for building packages
>> other than for Fedora.
> But then those packages need to provide some set of macros for debuginfo
> packages, so there is some 'requires' that are currently met by
> redhat-rpm-config that these non-fedora packages would need to supply
> to rpm-build as well. So there is a dependancy.

Who says that somebody creating rpms for another OS for instance even
wants debuginfo packages? Who says that if they did they would want
the same setup anyway? If you use spec files that rely on Fedora
features then you would need redhat-rpm-config. If on the other hand
you relied on macros specific to SUSE you would need their equivelent.
If you want to create your own distribution based on rpm then you
might create your own set. I have never tried but i imagine that even
without a separate configuration you can still create basic rpms that
would work.

>> If i recall correctly the recommended way to
>> install everything needed is "yum install fedora-packager" which pulls
>> in everything needed for Fedora related packaging including
>> redhat-rpm-config.
> While grousp are convenient, the package dependancies should really be
> in order.

In my opinion they are in order. From what you said rpm-build did
exactly what it was supposed to according to upstream. By then adding
our Fedora/Redhat specific configuration it does what _Fedora_ wants.

Anyway. My opinion doesn't really matter all that much. I am not the
maintainer of that package, anything to do with upstream or even
related. All i can see is packages that seem to be working as designed
and there is even a handy helper package that sets up everything for
the specific purpose maintaining Fedora packages as opposed just the
general case.

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