ARM is a dead end

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Fri Jun 15 08:05:24 UTC 2012

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> Hi,
> I've been pointed to a news item about a (apparently the first) x86
> (Atom)
> based smartphone:
> So even smartphones are going x86 now. It looks like x86 is going to
> defeat
> ARM just like it defeated all the previous attempts at changing the
> instruction set, even Intel's own IA-64. The fastest x86 CPUs are
> still
> worlds faster than the fastest ARM CPUs. This new smartphone's
> single-core
> Atom is competitive in speed with other smartphones' multi-core ARMs.
> So I would urge Fedora not to waste our time on a low-end
> architecture
> filling a temporary niche which will become obsolete as demand for
> performance increases. We should rather support only one primary
> architecture (x86, i.e.: x86_64, and legacy i686 as long as there's a
> need
> for it) and support it well, as we have done since we finally got rid
> of the
> legacy PPC burden. Niche architectures are exactly what secondary
> architectures are for.

Intel promises mobile CPUs for several years and it's still a huge

My Intel based tablet has a fan (and it's not fun). I have to admit, I 
prefer x86 arch as it's easier to develop/work with but not in mobile
world yet. 


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