Thoughts on Canonical's Quickly

Jef Spaleta jspaleta at
Fri Jun 15 20:38:13 UTC 2012

I poked a little bit and I got quickly up and running partially on an
F16 system.

I say partially because I can't use all the exposed commands in the
ubuntu application template because some of the commands aimed at
publication require a coherent debian system configuration to make a
local .deb file to upload into launchpad. That difficulty is not
really the point of this email.

The point of this email is to say that I have quickly up and running
on Fedora to the point where it is possible to build alternative
templates to the provided ubuntu-application template that would point
to Suse's obs system or to our koji for builds/publication instead of
launchpad for publishing.

We could  even plumb in git/github or git/fedorahosted instead of
bzr/launchpad..all the opinionated choices are in the template not in
quickly itself.

Is quickly with an alternative set of application templates something
worth exposing as a rapid development tool?


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