Schedule for Monday's FESCo Meeting (2012-06-18)

Stephen John Smoogen smooge at
Mon Jun 18 00:29:22 UTC 2012

On 17 June 2012 11:49, Richard W.M. Jones <rjones at> wrote:
> On Sun, Jun 17, 2012 at 05:06:51PM +0100, Richard Hughes wrote:
>> On 17 June 2012 10:53, Richard W.M. Jones <rjones at> wrote:
>> > So this is a problem that needs to be solved, but does it require a
>> > reboot?  Not really ... it's possible to list all processes using
>> > zlib, convert that back into a list of packages, then instruct those
>> > packages to restart themselves.  Job done, BETTER than Windows / OS X.
>> That's simply not possible. Some processes like dbus-daemon and
>> gnome-session just cannot be restarted in this way.
> You're asserting that dbus-daemon etc cannot be restarted, but without
> saying why.  The current design may make restarting some daemons
> difficult but we should fix those problems.

My understanding is that many of the "plumbing" layer items are
basically kernel level issues even if they aren't a kernel. To get
them to be a QNX level issue one would need to design the kernel to be
QNX (micro kernel like where parts of the kernel can reboot without
worrying about other parts.) However that is something that is
designed day 1 for QNX and you would need similar attendance.

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