Schedule for Monday's FESCo Meeting (2012-06-18)

Michal Hlavinka mhlavink at
Mon Jun 18 13:19:13 UTC 2012

On 06/17/2012 06:06 PM, Richard Hughes wrote:
> On 17 June 2012 10:53, Richard W.M. Jones<rjones at>  wrote:
>> So this is a problem that needs to be solved, but does it require a
>> reboot?  Not really ... it's possible to list all processes using
>> zlib, convert that back into a list of packages, then instruct those
>> packages to restart themselves.  Job done, BETTER than Windows / OS X.
> That's simply not possible. Some processes like dbus-daemon and
> gnome-session just cannot be restarted in this way. It's a complete
> fallacy to believe you can update core libraries on a modern Linux
> system without rebooting. Add btrfs snapshotting to the mix (to be
> able to do updates safely) and doing updates in-situ becomes
> impossible. If Fedora wants to statically link everything, then it's
> certainly possible to workaround, but that's not acceptable to Fedora
> for perfectly understandable reasons.

I wonder if it would be possible to do it on shutdown instead of during 
start up? I usually do not care if shutdown takes ten seconds or five 
minutes, but when I start my computer I do so because I want to use it 
and not wait several minutes before its ready.

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