Maintainers with bugzilla issues. (Please read and help contact)

Kevin Fenzi kevin at
Mon Jun 18 19:28:46 UTC 2012


We have some users who are owners or initialcc on Fedora packages, but
have no bugzilla account that matches up with the email they have
listed in the Fedora account system. 


for more details. 

If anyone knows any way to contact the following people, please do so
and ask them to resolve this issue or ask for help from
admin at to do so. 

fas name / real-name (if public) / email: 

aleksey2005 'Popkov Aleksey' <aleksey at>
bernie 'Bernie Innocenti' <bernie at>
caillon 'Christopher Aillon' <caillon+fedoraproject at>
caniszczyk 'Chris Aniszczyk' <caniszczyk at>
choeger 'Christoph Höger' <choeger at>
chreide 'Christian Eide' <christian at>
cmaiolino '' <cmaiolino at>
svahl 'Sebastian Vahl' <deadbabylon at>
arbiter '' <deleteme at>
lashar 'Mostafa Daneshvar' <fedora at>
gljohn 'Gareth John' <Gareth.L.John at>
dageek 'Gavin Spurgeon' <gspurgeon at>
mmcgrath 'Mike McGrath' <imlinux+fedora at>
jfch2222 'Jan F. Chadima' <jfch at>
mchua 'Mel Chua' <metamel at>
peterscheie 'Peter Scheie' <peter at>
pnasrat 'Paul Nasrat' <pnasrat at>
rhe 'Rui He' <rui.he at>
viji 'Viji V Nair' <viji at>
zmc '' <zack at>

We will be orphaning packages owned by people in this state on
2012-07-02, so if you know of a way to contact them, please do so
before then. 

Packages with owners in the above list that will be orphaned: 

aleksey2005 lightsquid
aleksey2005 openscada
bernie devtodo
bernie monkeysphere
caillon drwright
caillon fedora-bookmarks
caillon gnome-hearts
caillon gnuchess
caillon iso-codes
caillon mozilla-filesystem
caillon xboard
caillon xchat
choeger offlineimap
svahl devilspie
svahl kcoloredit
svahl kgrab
svahl kiconedit
svahl konq-plugins
svahl koverartist
svahl ksig
svahl libzip
svahl polyester
svahl polyester3
svahl stalonetray
gljohn gtkmm-utils
gljohn paperbox
mmcgrath ytalk
mchua education-bookmarks
peterscheie k12linux-quick-start-guide
zmc dogtail


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